The Economic Bulletin for Asia and the Far East was issued quarterly in March, June, September and December to review, analyze and report on the economic situation and social development in countries part of the Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East (ECAFE), as well as recommending changes to be made at the policy level for countries in this region to maintain its economic well-being.

In 1974, ECAFE renamed itself to what we refer to today as “Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific” (ESCAP) which also lead to the Bulletin renaming itself to “Economic Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific” in order to reflect ESCAP’s intentions of expanding its scope of work. The Bulletin discusses a wide range of ESCAP’s initiatives from economic development and poverty alleviation to the status of women and environmental protection in the Asia-Pacific region. Along with this, the Bulletin reduced the frequency of its publication from quarterly to twice a year, this time in June and December.

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