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The Digital Repository of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (the “Repository”) disseminates the intellectual heritage of ESCAP in accordance with the FAIR open-access principles. ESCAP allows users (“Users”) to visit the Repository and use the information, publications, documents and material (the “Material”) it contains pursuant to the following Terms of Use. By using the ESCAP Digital Repository, you are agreeing to the following Terms of use:

    ESCAP owns the intellectual property rights in respect of all material from the Digital Repository.

    The Material from the Repository can be accessed and downloaded freely. Users must always refer to the source in terms in keeping with the information available in the record.

    The metadata of the Material is also available to the community in general. If your institution or Library wishes to “harvest” the metadata, it must contact the Repository Administrator at [email protected].

    It is strictly forbidden to exploit the Material from the Repository for a commercial purpose.

    ESCAP can add, change or update material from the repository without prior notice.

    ESCAP requests that users only disseminate Material from its Repository by means of direct links to the material or to ESCAP Digital Repository, ://urlgoeshere, instead of downloading it from third-party websites.

    ESCAP has the exclusive right to modify, alter, limit or cancel the Repository or any material it contains. Requests in general may be addressed to [email protected].