• Maize production in Java prospects for improved farm-level production technology 

      Djauhari, Aman; Soejono, Irlan; Djulin, Adimesra (CGPRT Centre, 1988)

      This study was carried out in 1985/1986 in the framework of the Regional Project on Food Legumes and Coarse Grains, RAS/82/OO2.

      One of the objectives of the regional project was to identify and analyse socio ...

    • Socio-economic research on food legumes and coarse grains : methodological issues 

      UN.ESCAP; Regional Co-ordination Centre for Research and Development of Coarse Grains, Pulses, Roots and Tuber Crops in the Humid Tropics of Asia and the Pacific (CGPRT Centre) (CGPRT Centre, 1985)

      The proceedings consist of seven resources papers and ten country reports. They present an overview of methodological issues in socio-economic research with special reference to upland agriculture. It covers principles, ...

    • Soybean research and development in Indonesia 

      Bottema, J.W. Taco; Dauphin, F.; Gijsbers, G. (CGPRT Centre, 1987)
      In co-operation with the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (AARD) and Central Research Institute for Food Crops (CRIFC), the CGPRT Centre organized a Workshop on Soybean Research and Development in Indonesia ...