• Building an inclusive and creative : The state of social enterprise in Indonesia 

      British Council; UN.ESCAP (United Nations, 2018)
      Interest in social enterprises in Indonesia is growing alongside increased emphasis on entrepreneurship in general. This is evident in the growing number of events, research, and government activities focused on social ...
    • Issue paper-social enterprise development in Pakistan : the way forward 

      Ahmed, Vaqar; Nazir, Ahad; Gregory, Dan; Faraz, Zeenia; Ace, Tristan (United Nations, 2019)
      This issue paper is being written with the overarching objective of informing the policy makers at the federal and provincial-level regarding the facilitation required by social enterprises in Pakistan. The British Council, ...
    • Reaching the farthest first : the state of social enterprise in the Philippines 

      UN.ESCAP; European Union (EU); British Council (United Nations, 2017)
      Reaching the Farthest First: The State of Social Enterprise in the Philippines
    • Social enterprise in Vietnam 

      UN.ESCAP; British Council (United Nations, 2019)
      Vietnam's economy has radically transformed over the past few decades. Despite this, Vietnam continues to grapple with social challenges such as poverty, unequal access to public health and education and the need for ...
    • The state of social enterprise In Malaysia 2018 

      UN.ESCAP; British Council (United Nations, 2019)

      In February 2017, the British Council and United Nations ESCAP signed a collaborative agreement to promote the growth of social enterprise and impact investment across the Asia-Pacific region as a means of supporting ...
    • The state of social enterprise in South East Asia 

      UN.ESCAP; British Council; Social Enterprise UK (United Nations, 2021)

      The British Council, supported by United Nations ESCAP, in collaboration with HSBC and Social Enterprise UK, has collected data since 2017 together to produce a comprehensive, comparative social enterprise landscape ...