• Demand for household sanitation : the case of India 

      Banerjee, Anurag; Banik, Nilanjan; Dalmia, Ashvika (United Nations, 2016)
      This is ARTNeT Working Paper No. 154, 'Demand for Household Sanitation: The case of India', by Anurag Banerjee, Nilanjan Banik, and Ashvika Dalmia.
    • Farmer suicides in India and the weather god 

      Banik, Nilanjan; Stevens, Philip (United Nations, 2016)
      This is ARTNeT Working Paper No. 161, 'Farmer suicides in India and the weather god', by Nilanjan Banik and Philip Stevens.

      This paper examines the reasons for farmer suicides in India. Inability to get the right ...
    • IPR waiver in vaccines and opportunities for India : what does the data show? 

      Banik, Nilanjan; Chakraborty, Debashis; Dash, Sampada Kumar (UN.ESCAP, 2021)

      In light of the spread of Covid-19 cases in India during the second wave, the Government of India (GOI) decided to negotiate for an IPR waiver under section 1 (copyright and related rights), 4 (industrial designs), 5 ...

    • The rich keep getting richer in India! Says who? 

      Banik, Nilanjan; Banerjee, Anurag (United Nations, 2011)
      By Nilanjan Banik and Anurag Banerjee

      In India, the popular perception is that economic reforms have benefited the rich more than the poor, leading to unequal income distribution as in Quah’s twin peaks hypothesis. ...
    • Trade and social development : the case of Asia 

      Banik, Nilanjan (United Nations, 2009)
      By Nilanjan Banik

      Although, some of the Asian economies, like, China, India and Viet Nam, are growing at a faster pace they are not doing well in terms of development of basic capabilities in terms of education, ...